A New Name and A New Look!

A New Name and A New Look!

We are excited to announce that

Prone 2 Dream Technologies is now

DreamPRO Intelligence!

DreamPRO Intelligence logo

Our new name and logo reflect our evolution, and our unwavering drive to deliver a state-of-the-art data analytics platform with personalized training, support, and service.


As we continue to grow and evolve, we’d like to give a sincere thanks to all our clients and associates – our commitment to all of you remains the same!

~ Leona, Sue, & John

Proactive Survey Readiness

Proactive Survey Readiness

It’s no secret that a visit from a Health Inspector creates anxiety in most centers… but it doesn’t have to.


DreamPRO Intelligence presents an automated clinical system to consolidate the areas of care management that cost your center time and real money. Our comprehensive quality platform gives the bandwidth to execute all the intricacies that are required by CMS.


For instance, DreamPRO’s Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program swiftly identifies opportunities of focus that are then tracked and monitored. Your centers can easily log a “good faith attempt” – F865 and will likely avoid an IJ.


DreamPRO enriches QAPI programming to:

  • Provide evidence-based processes for regulatory compliance
  • Improve Performance on Health Inspection with survey readiness systems
  • Increase Staff Knowledge and Build Skills


In addition, these automated systems reduce valuable time by streamlining the day-to-day clinical meetings, improving EHR compliance that results in the nursing teams having more time for direct care.


Throughout my career, I’ve helped centers develop evidence-based quality care systems – maximizing health inspections performance, producing exceptional care outcomes, and mitigating risk.


I’d love to help your team accurately represent the care they deliver in the CMS 5-Star Quality Program. Schedule a meeting with me here.

Achieve CMS 5-Star Quality Ratings with DreamPRO Intelligence

Achieve CMS 5-Star Quality Ratings with DreamPRO Intelligence

CMS 5-Star Quality Ratings are crucial for post-acute care centers, as they are used as a comparison tool by potential clients and their families, and determine reimbursement rates by payers. Centers with below-average ratings also face increased regulatory oversight.


To level the playing field, post-acute care centers can use DreamPRO Intelligence Center, an effective evidence-based clinical solution. This tool helps pinpoint areas for improvement in day-to-day care, survey readiness, staffing, and quality measures. Its comprehensive clinical roadmap is immune to attrition and identifies risk areas to quickly resolve and improve regulatory compliance on a daily basis.


DreamPRO Intelligence has been developed by our experts who have years of experience in developing evidence-based quality care systems that maximize health inspections performance, produce exceptional care outcomes, and mitigate risk. The result has been numerous zero-deficiency surveys and multiple CMS 5-Star Overall Ratings Centers.


Take advantage of DreamPRO Intelligence’s comprehensive automated Clinical Program, which serves as a roadmap to great clinical outcomes. Schedule a meeting to learn more and relieve some burden in achieving desired star ratings.


Want to check your current CMS star ratings in a concise view? We’re offering this free analysis of 15,000 U.S. centers. Click here to see where you stand in your region.

Risk Mitigation Strategy

Risk Mitigation Strategy

Post-acute care patients need specialized attention due to complex medical needs, making them vulnerable to falls, infections, and other challenges. An evidence-based clinical system can enhance patient care and lower risks, leading to better outcomes and improved regulatory compliance.


DreamPRO Intelligence Center  is an automated evidence-based Clinical QUALITY System that focuses on Risk Mitigation and Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) quickly identifying daily priority areas to close gaps in the Electronic Health Record.


Taking immense pressure off your nursing team’s daily routine and providing fast insight into these vulnerabilities empowers improvement in your Regulatory Performance and Care Outcomes.


Why DreamPRO–

  • Improve Regulatory Performance
  • Reduce Fines, Litigation, and Loss of Reputation
  • Attract and Retain: Residents, Staff, and Families
  • Immune to attrition and experience, so results are sustainable and reproducible.


The post-acute industry is facing increased regulatory oversight, and providers who fail to comply with regulatory requirements may face civil monetary penalties or other legal action. By implementing effective risk mitigation strategies, providers can reduce their exposure to legal and financial risks.

Schedule a meeting with me to discuss how we can implement an effective risk mitigation strategy for your centers.

Welcome Dr. Paul Padilla!

Welcome Dr. Paul Padilla!

Prone 2 Dream is pleased to welcome Dr. Paul Padilla to its leadership team as Director of Strategy.

Dr. Paul aims to support Prone 2 Dream’s culture of innovation, assisting in developing analytics solutions that serve the senior living industry. Leona Fink, Prone 2 Dream’s Founder and CIO said “Dr. Paul’s pioneering approach to the use of analytics in overcoming the industry’s staffing and regulatory challenges is refreshing. His stellar reputation and shared vision make him a valuable asset to our organization as we strive for continued growth and excellence.”

Dr. Paul began his healthcare career over twenty years ago, and possesses vast experience in the Long-term, Acute, and Home Healthcare industry. As a Doctor of Advanced Nursing Practice (DNP), Paul acquired the knowledge of disease processes and management, understanding of patient care outcomes, and the overall effect of healthcare to significantly impact quality service. As the quality service team lead for a multi-state clinical organization, Paul institutionalized a national and state metric system to bridge quality patient care pathways to provide economic sustainability.

Dr. Paul Padilla is a forward-thinking innovator who received his Graduate and Undergraduate degrees from Arizona State University. He currently resides in Dallas, TX with his wife, Jeni, and their two sons.

Join us in welcoming Dr. Paul Padilla!


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