Revenue and Roadblocks: Right Now on the Right Route

Revenue and Roadblocks: Right Now on the Right Route

You use many software platforms to run your business, and each offers a dynamic set of metrics.


What if you had a way to see how those metrics affect each other? A way to align them – showing the best route to your destination (profitability) and alert you to roadblocks in your path?


In our last article, Business Detours? Not A Problem When You Set Your GPS, we described how business intelligence and predictive analytics form a GPS to help frontline managers navigate the financial side of your company.


Enter a GPS solution called DreamCORE Dashboards – CORE is an acronym for the controllable parts of your business: Census* | Overtime | Receivables | Expenses.

*This model was built for the skilled nursing industry but is applicable anywhere –C is your Customers or Clients, your revenue source.


Let’s take a closer look at Census, and how you can use this fluctuating element to improve both customer satisfaction and your profitability.


Census – The Lives We Care For


Census is the lives we care for within our skilled nursing facilities. Our clinical teams treat and care for the individuals entrusted to us, ensuring the right solutions to help heal in the best way, in the best atmosphere.


Financially, census drives the revenue. We need to capitalize on every dollar of revenue to support the mission of care – nursing supplies, dietary sustenance, entertainment, housekeeping, administration.


The industry has worked out multiple algorithms to ensure the best journey of the revenue dollar to the table– through a labyrinth of documentation, carve outs, comorbidities coding, and specifications that vary widely by payers.


What success have we had managing “the dollars on the table”?



Managing Expenses against Fluctuating Revenue


Staying true to the GPS theme, finance develops a roadmap yearly, the “budget”. It is well thought out, achievable, and precise. The day after it is published, the path to success begins to deteriorate. Road conditions are constantly changing (lower than expected census), unexpected detours (transmission on your van konks out), inevitably you must stop, take time to get a true sense of where you are on the map, and recalculate your path to the destination.


DreamCORE is constantly recalculating to support your goals – by providing you the pinpoint on the map of where you are at any given time, and where you need to go to stay on course to your destination.


For example, your dietary manager was budgeted $35,263 for Raw Food for May–pinned to his corkboard–this budget was calculated last October and was based on a census budget of $8.26 PPD. The actual census for May is averaging $9.75 PPD. If the dietary manager spends the original budget of $35,263, DreamCORE gives clear sight to the overspend of $7,778. The thermometer shows current spend against scaled budget – making it much easier to adjust spending to meet current census level.



A significant ROI of DreamCORE is based in the automatic adjustment of the budgets.


In the example above, the dietary manager’s expense dashboard would show the budget for his department is $26.747.  And daily the “Expected Budget” would be adjusted by the Average Daily Census in the background.  Additionally, with each invoice entered into DreamCORE, the budget balance would be reduced, like a checkbook, keeping the whole department informed of their current balance, helping them not to “overdraw” the account.


So being able to see the financial picture at a quick glance enables small changes, which over time make a big impact.


This automation keeps the patient at the center – each operational department is rotating around the patient, spending what is necessary to create the healing experience. Your teams are working with their patients, not sitting at desks looking at numbers. They’re solving people problems to create the best customer experience.


On the Journey to success


Consider you’re on the road to your destination and your GPS tells you there’s an accident ahead, you should exit now to the alternate route. You choose to disregard GPS and within a few minutes you’re at a dead standstill. Half an hour later, you pass the accident, but you’ve lost 30 minutes. Even speeding at this point won’t get you to the destination on time. A small change to the alternate route may have made the difference.


DreamCORE provides clear analytics to help you and your teams pinpoint their exact location, adjust for what is ahead, and equipping you to stay on course to the destination.


Getting your people to love their numbers

Road to Success

What if each of your department leaders were taught how to use a financial GPS to make the right decisions for their department?


Look at the flip side: “You don’t know what you don’t know”–When they don’t understand where they are or where to go, they’re on a path to fail. Nobody hires on to fail! They want to do well – to succeed at their jobs means they meet expectations.


DreamCORE encourages camaraderie – when all the departments are working harmoniously, they start to see how they can help each other toward the greater good. One department has an unexpected capital expense, the rest can tighten their belts a bit to balance that out.


As an operator, you want to be competitive. You want to hire the best person to run each of your departments. So you hire a great culinary talent to run dietary, but he’s probably not an MBA. He can easily be taught to read DreamCORE, understand the expectation, and DreamCORE can free his time to be where he needs to be – providing a great customer experience.


Your department leaders know their priority is the best customer experience. When they know where they are financially, they make the best decisions. They’ll make the best decision for the company every time because they want to feel good about their work. They want to succeed. And you know that successful teams reduce turnover and build great culture.


Teaching them how to read a quick DreamCORE view of their department can set them up to succeed, which leads to managing the dollars already on the table.


Give them a clear solution to feed that success.

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Business Detours?  Not A Problem When You Set Your GPS

Business Detours? Not A Problem When You Set Your GPS

What if you had a GPS to drive you to maximum profitability?


Why do we like GPS? It not only gives us the best route to our destination, but it also identifies roadblocks in our way. You hear “Accident 12 miles ahead in the right lane, 27-minute delay, exit now to take the alternative route”. The roadblocks are actually reported by other users of the app, and because of their contribution to your journey, you are able to make a timely decision, avoid the pitfall, and arrive on time. Imagine your phone battery was dead on this same trip and this information never reached you – now…here you sit, trying to negotiate the simplest lane change to make an impact…


GPS’s analyze and prioritize data contributions


You develop a roadmap every year, you call it your company’s “budget”.  In many ways it is like the “Rand-McNally”, well thought out, achievable, and precise. The day after you publish it, the information begins to move toward irrelevance. Road conditions are constantly changing, unexpected detours, and you must stop to get a true sense of your direction.

Set your GPS



There are many line items you can plan for, based on historical data. But you know there will be unknowns as well. The unexpected repair, the inevitable challenges of staffing, the desire to have the next best thing… and an unpredictable revenue stream.


What if you set your budget on a GPS – so that each detour off the path you’ve laid out for maximum profitability signaled an alert? “You’ve headed off-course” giving your leaders a chance to change direction and arrive at the destination. How would that impact your month? Would you be more likely to follow the GPS’ suggestion to get back on the route?


Take a look at DreamCORE Dashboards, a financial GPS solution that reports conditions changes, detours, and the impact that other departments are having on your drive towards maximum profitability.


Revenue not trending the way you expected? DreamCORE integrates your revenue sources and expenses and will auto-adjust your budgets accordingly. How much time and money would this save you? Without this auto-adjusting GPS, you’re waiting for EOM reports, as day after day passes and your spending continues, unmindful. You’re taking the scenic route and buying souvenirs, instead of heading purposefully toward your goal.


Take a skilled nursing facility, with a potential of 100 clients (residents, patients) per day. There are a mix of payers, depending on insurance scenarios, and billing is complex. Yet, the operator can project these reimbursements with DreamCORE and set the goal (GPS) to reach the maximum amount.


The expenses are variable, too. A certain level of staffing is needed to care for 100 patients, of varying skill sets and pay rates from CNA to RN. In addition, CMS regulations must be met to achieve a star rating that will offer the best perception of the home and its reputation. Staffing is always a challenge … and Overtime Happens! The GPS issues an alert to avoid this drain of premium dollars and to change the schedule before it’s too late.


In addition, these clients must receive a sustainable diet, 3 meals a day plus extras. A healthy diet includes many perishable items, so the coordination of numbers of clients and ordering of supplies is a critical projection, but easily managed by the GPS.

financial dashboards - role-based security



Communication and a Team Approach


Looking at each department and how it contributes to the destination needs to be a streamlined communication process. Consider the communication advantages of each department, being able to see what’s happening in the others.


Much like many drivers on the road contributing to a GPS app, an “accident” ahead, such as an unexpected capital expense (the vehicle breaks down on the trip, needs repair and the GPS recalculates), is visible to everyone on the same journey. They’re all working towards the common goal (meeting the projected outcome = bonuses) so adjusting their own spending to benefit the greater good becomes a team approach.


Without the GPS, there’s a communications gap. For example, your Activities director is unaware of the major unexpected expense in Maintenance, so she continues to spend. GPS calculates for the facility success, with the contributions of all departments as baseline.


This example can be applied to any company – you have revenue, which fluctuates. You have expenses, which are also variable. You have a team of leaders, all trying to do their best to contribute to the success of the whole, all responsible and accountable for the expenses their department incurs.


The next time you hop in your car, whether you’re driving 2 miles or 20 or 200, set your GPS and consider its role. You set the destination, and it offers the most direct route (as well as the scenic route). It alerts you to heavy traffic, accidents, and construction (unforeseen obstacles) and provides an estimated time for your journey (results of your choices).


Would having a GPS for operating your company make a difference in your bottom line?


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Hope and Analytics – The New Next

Hope and Analytics – The New Next

There’s a collective sigh of relief throughout the skilled nursing industry as the COVID-19 vaccine is now being distributed. The vaccine provides hope that we’re turning the corner and will start to see a significant decline in the spread of this devastating disease.


In a recent article in Senior Housing News, industry leaders are taking a stand of positivity for the future. Though the census reductions have been significant, SNF leaders know that to truly recover, a wait and see attitude is not going to win. The winners will be those leaning into disruption.


Now, more than ever, is the time to discover innovative technology that streamlines your data platforms and analytics to identify the areas where you can divert dissipation back to profitability.


You use various software’s to run your business and each provides a dynamic look at the insights of using that platform. However, what you really need is a way to see how those software’s work together to benefit your company’s overall financial picture. Imagine an integration of your data silos – producing real time metrics that allow you to adjust operations… long before EOM reports are produced.


Integrated Data Silos


You can have that and more with CORE, our business intelligence solution that turns information overload into business opportunity.


Prone 2 Dream Technologies developed the CORE model for the skilled nursing industry, one of the hardest hit industries of the past year. CORE stands for the core controllables in a business – Census, Overtime, Receivables, Expenses. While the model was built for skilled nursing, it is adaptable to any industry – simply replace the word “census” with “customers” or “clients” to consider your revenue source.


CORE gives you the ability to drill down into these four controllable areas to identify critical issues and see where cash can be diverted back to the bottom line or reinvested in another department, before it’s too late.


Analytics ensures that all the dollars on the table are capitalized on. For example, if cash is dissipating through the culinary department, we can identify that issue with analytics. We can reroute those funds to payroll – to support an additional CNA on the floor or give the RN back the time she must spend scheduling because she’s understaffed. Identifying where you’re leaving money on the table allows you to turn around and reinvest it in the company.


Premium Overtime Dollar



Global P&L in Real Time


In addition to a drill down look at the controllables, CORE provides the global Profit & Loss view. You have the ability to see in near real time the total of all your units, each unit individually, or even a comparative view of selected units. Having a daily data story gives you speed, eliminating the need to wait for month-end reports before taking decisive action.


What would it be like for you to have a daily data story, with near real time accuracy? It means speed and improved profitability – the speed to identify critical issues and course-correct without losing 10, 20, 30, even 45 days waiting for EOM reports, which can mean the difference between profit and loss.


Global P&L View


Want to take a closer look at how CORE can improve your profitability?

To discuss how Prone 2 Dream Technologies can customize CORE for your company, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.


Microsoft Teams: Optimize the Cloud User Experience

Microsoft Teams: Optimize the Cloud User Experience

The pandemic has forced all of us to manage a remote workforce, but many of these transitions were rushed and without a plan. Take time now to evaluate how you can optimize the cloud user experience – for everyone in your organization.

The good news – If your company uses Microsoft (and who doesn’t?) you already have so many tools within that suite that you don’t need to be spending additional funds and training time on external programs and apps. (Check out our recent article about how optimizing Microsoft lowers your total cost of ownership of IT.)

Plus, Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration hub – bringing groups of people around ideas and projects, no matter where they’re located.

We’re seeing that many companies are using Teams, but not to its fullest potential. Your Microsoft Teams environment has a wealth of benefits…

…all included with your license:

  1. Virtually brings people around ideas. The ability to assemble the right people to brainstorm, plan, collaborate, and document, with no geographic constraints – this is optimizing the cloud user experience. Teams has built-in organic efficiencies so a project lead can assemble his/her private group where only these individuals have access to the work in progress.
  2. Video and audio conferencing and recording. There are other platforms providing these services, but wouldn’t you rather hold these meetings within your own secure environment? Using Teams, you can optimize the cloud user experience for everyone – record the meeting, download transcripts, easily review sections of the video, memorialize the session.
  3. Fully secured business platform with private hostingTeams is a secure, cloud-based infrastructure, fully HIPAA compliant for Healthcare companies. Your organization’s meetings and conversations are private – why have them anywhere else but within your secured environment?
  4. Memorialization of instant messages. Wonder what happens to those casual chats where ideas are hatched? Teams provides a chat channel within each specific team for those project-related spontaneous conversations. Nothing gets lost – chats, ideas, comments are all saved within the project.
  5. Shift of control – into the right hands. Before the cloud, data storage was in the hands of the IT department. Using Teams, the project leaders have control of all the proprietary information related to a specific project.
  6. Quarterly compliance documentation. Your projects need to follow compliance standards. With Teams, you easily store, submit, review critical reports, securely.

And many more benefits!

Say good-bye to the yellow folder

Let’s look at an example of Teams in action: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Your company has a new challenge that needs a solution, fast. Yet the challenge is complex and requires innovation. You select two of your most creative-minded individuals as project leads and ask each of them to come up with a solution.

They each create their Team, and give it a name. They invite individuals of their choice to be part of the team. They schedule meetings, open a chat conversation, start brainstorming. The team devises a strategy, their goals, their timeline, project specs, documents – all stored within their team. Totally private and secure. All the project work, memorialized, in one place. When it’s time to present their solution, they can invite others into their private environment, even if those individuals are external to the organization.

This is oversimplified, of course, for demonstration of optimizing the cloud user experience. As the business owner, you set the parameters for starting a team, such as “one member of the C-suite must be included in each team”. Ultimately, each user within a team shines – their collaboration efforts memorialized, with no lost documents, no forgotten casual chats.

As a Microsoft Partner, Prone 2 Dream’s goal is to help our clients fully optimize the tools they already have within their Office 365 suite. (You’re already paying for it – utilize it to lower your total cost of ownership!)

Start the new year off right by optimizing Microsoft Teams and create a better cloud experience for your organization. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.



Cloud Compliance and Security   What’s the difference? (And why you need both)

Cloud Compliance and Security  What’s the difference? (And why you need both)

Cloud Compliance and Cloud Security – these are heavy, but important, topics when considering a transition. In this article, we aim to explain the difference and why you need to be covered in both areas. As a Microsoft Partner, Prone 2 Dream Technologies can assist in setting you up for success right from the start.

Big Benefit

 No matter what size your business is, from solopreneur to enterprise level, transitioning into the Microsoft cloud provides a wealth of benefits. When it comes to cloud compliance and security, there is no better ally than Microsoft. Their layers of protection, the tracking mechanisms, the investigative abilities, AND an assurance of risk mitigation in the event of data breach is a guarantee like no other.

If you are in Healthcare for instance, Microsoft will sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with you. It is their brand promise of security infrastructure. It is their guarantee that should your company come under legal scrutiny, that they will produce the documentation and the forensic evidence to show how the breach happened, when and with whom. This legal guarantee is an insurance policy that saves organizations millions of dollars.

The Microsoft Compliance Manager   Fully HIPAA Compliant

Most businesses fall into some governmental regulatory area where they must comply with industry-specific federal laws. Healthcare must comply with HIPAA laws to protect patient data. PCI laws protect credit card data. FedRamp governs financial markets. And many more.

A cloud compliance management program needs to attest that you are compliant with applicable laws so you can gain the trust of your clients and industry colleagues. At any given time, your company must be able to download an audit or assessment that is documentation of your compliance, should any questions arise.

The Microsoft compliance manager is a very robust system. While it can look overwhelming at first, it is a user-friendly, collaborative effort. Microsoft asks for the needed input, essentially walking the user step by step through the set up. The system tells you your progress each step of the way. As the data is transferred into the cloud compliance manager, the responsibility is shifting to the shoulders of Microsoft. This is the trust center – your data under the layers of protection promised by Microsoft, to which you have access at your fingertips.

Microsoft also offers hybrid situations, as some migrations simply need to be stretched over time. For example, you may be running a client server software using Windows Operating Systems. The transition to the cloud would need to run simultaneously with the on-premise server. Using virtual machines (VMs), we can bring a client server dependent architecture into the cloud. Putting the client server on the VM frees it from the on-premise IT closet. This is a very seamless way to run client server software in the cloud, while reducing your total cost of ownership. You don’t need to purchase new hardware when it’s time for an update.

The Trend Toward BYOD – Doesn’t that increase risk?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a strategy being deployed more and more often as technology advances. This strategy, too, benefits your company by reducing the total cost of ownership – in this case the expense of desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. The old way – companies use their purchased devices until they finally die. Have you ever onboarded to a new company, only to be offered a 10-year-old laptop? Think about your brand – this is not the Day 1 “first impression” you want to make on a new hire!

Consider instead: The new hire is offered a cash bonus at signing, about half the cost of a new device, to be used to purchase the new device of their choosing. The employee pays the balance of the purchase and the ownership is theirs for the tenure of their employ and afterward. With Microsoft cloud technology, all company data on that device is being tagged and tracked. If any company data is downloaded off the device, your business will be alerted when that is happening. However, if you’re using an on-premise server, and your employees are using their personal devices for work, data leaks may be going on now with no audit trail.

If you are in the Microsoft cloud and the employee leaves the company, it is no problem at all. Microsoft simply wipes the company’s partition off the device (“Selective Wipe”) all of the company data is eliminated or rendered “unusable”. Not so simple if you’re using an on-premise server.

The Security Center (Admin Center)    protection from cyber attack

The cloud Security Center is completely different than the cloud compliance manager. This is the area that watches over threat management.

> Who’s attacking my company?

> What are they phishing?

> Who are they phishing?

> Where is this coming from?

> What do I need to do to keep from being attacked?

Your Microsoft Security Center is on high alert for this type of threat, fending it off, and tracking it for you to see at any time.

How Prone 2 Dream Technologies helps

As a Microsoft Partner, Prone 2 Dream is your bridge to Microsoft cloud compliance and security. Our role is to demonstrate that Microsoft is taking care of everything – securing your data and making it available only to your company constituents, as you direct. We want you and your team to feel the confidence and trust in Microsoft.

We can explain Microsoft’s complex infrastructure and how your company has its own private, yet powerful, space within. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your current system and how to transition smoothly to the cloud.

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