DreamCORE Intelligence Center

is delivered in a private, HIPAA-compliant, online community.


We Deliver Service.

Our support team works behind-the-scenes in your community – We deliver full onboarding based on your desired roll out schedule.

After onboarding, we are available to answer each of your user’s questions with the simplicity of an @mention. For those who want one-on-one ongoing training, we are happy to offer 30-minute appointments via convenient online calendar right in your community.


Your Private Online Community

DreamCORE Intelligence Center is a community to coach and train your decision makers to navigate, understand, and make evidence-based decisions with their financials.

DreamCORE Intelligence Center

Community Focused On Results

Every leader in your organization wants to succeed in their role. With your private, online community, you provide the forum for communication – enabling leaders at every level to mentor, influence, engage, and encourage their teams. Fostering teamwork solves real problems like how to meet budgets or how to improve CMS star ratings. Company strategy gets implemented when your community works together.


Bring focused, role-based groups around company financial strategy. DreamCORE hosts messages from leaders, conversations around these messages, your business analytics dashboards, and your custom apps all in a One-Stop-Shop. With one single sign-on, the community is easy to access and navigate.


The community improves focus by eliminating the shuffle of emails, excel sheets, folders, and browser windows. DreamCORE Dashboards are One Version Of The Truth – everyone is on the same page. Role-based groups work together, memorializing and measuring progress.


In your community, your leaders have access to several break out groups focused by company role. Working in these groups builds the individuals’ financial acumen, folds into their careers, and empowers them to affect real improvements in their areas. Building personal development builds their company loyalty.

Engaging your people and memorializing communications around financial strategy helps you build stronger leaders.

Having DreamCORE Intelligence assists me in managing my teams - the daily data updates show me a clear path to leading my people to success.

~ Sharon, Ops Specialist

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DreamCORE Intelligence Center surveys facility activity daily to provide an unobstructed line of sight into KPI’s, empowering senior care leaders to quickly identify obstacles on the road to profitability.

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