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SNF Operators – How to Manage HPPD

SNF Operators – How to Manage HPPD

SNF Operators can manage their HPPD by using a tool that integrates the company time clock with its EHR and book of record – Dream CORE Dashboards.

Prone 2 Dream’s innovative technology assembles the critical data you need to manage HPPD to meet both regulatory and financial obligations.

With Role-Based Security, all sensitive employee information remains restricted. It is impossible for users to see data outside their role.

Your nursing schedule is a labyrinth. The Director of Nursing needs to balance patient needs with compliance issues and staff scheduling. Often this results in paying Premium Overtime – the dollars in excess of payroll budgets. Yet, nursing schedulers can make better decisions by having historical data and predictive analytics.

With Dream CORE‘s user-friendly dashboards, SNF Operators have a clear view of HPPD, a rolling punch analysis, and a drill down to individuals on the time clock.

Integrating these data sets also enables a SNF Operator to manage their CMS staffing rating. A simple formula projects the next quarter’s rating, and a desired rating is achievable by managing the HPPD.

Overtime is the “O” in CORE – one of the controllables within a SNF’s financial management [Census, Overtime, Receivable, Expenses]. See the benefits and features in the infographic below.

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