SNF Operators – How to Manage HPPD

SNF Operators – How to Manage HPPD

SNF Operators can streamline their workflow and better manage their HPPD by using DreamCORE Intelligence Center, a tool that integrates the company time clock with its EHR and financial book of record. Prone 2 Dream’s innovative technology provides the critical data to meet both regulatory and financial obligations, within a user-friendly interface.

Role-Based Security ensures that all sensitive employee information remains restricted and users can only see data relevant to their role. This helps nursing schedulers make informed decisions using both historical data and predictive analytics, allowing them avoid paying Premium Overtime – the dollars in excess of payroll budgets.

DreamCORE’s single sign-on platform provides:

  • Overtime analysis
  • Bonus analysis
  • Agency analysis
  • A clear, current view of HPPD, including agency
  • A rolling punch analysis
  • A drill down to individuals on the time clock right now

Integrating these data sets also enables SNF Operators to manage their CMS staffing rating. DreamCORE provides a simple formula that projects the next quarter’s rating, and a desired rating can be achieved by managing the HPPD.

Overtime is just one of the controllables within a SNF’s financial management system. With DreamCORE (Census, Overtime, Receivable, Expenses) SNF operators can identify opportunities to make a financial impact on their bottom line, without waiting for end-of-month reporting.

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