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Our Story

Prone 2 Dream Technologies began when an agile group of innovators realized their business intelligence strategies, customized applications and dynamic dashboards could unlock the potential of business decision-making – at each level of an organization.

With roots in the hospitality industry, Prone 2 Dream built a cohesive supply chain management strategy for 230 full service restaurants, resulting in a significant profit increase.

Now Prone 2 Dream is focused on the senior living industry with a passion to help decision makers by wrangling their data to a format that makes sense. Operators have sophisticated systems that provide data overload – we integrate those data sources to relevant, actionable intelligence.


Vision and Mission

Our Why

With a passion for helping others and a commitment to innovation, we’re leading the way for companies to achieve more in a world of ever-changing technological advances.

People make technology work. We provide knowledge and insight, then foster the learning environments where individuals experience the aha moments that contribute to their company’s success and their own professional growth.


Success Stories

Our Results

dynamic P&L dashboard

Dynamic P&L Dashboards

A SNF management company asked for a way to see all 25 facilities’ P&L statement, as well as the overall corporate P&L in one view, in real time, with a drill down into payer info and expense detail.

The result: A business intelligence strategy that identifies operational issues and enables a change of direction before month end reports deliver the information.

PDPM assessment dashboard

Theoretical Reimbursements

With the introduction of a new payment model, PDPM, in 2019, we were tasked with creating a mobile app for a SNF management company that calculates a theoretical reimbursement upon patient admission.

The result: Harvesting more reimbursement dollars, reducing shortfalls by payer.

ecosystem integration

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

As the business world shifts to remote workspace as the New Normal, we have helped multiple companies secure their assets and business intelligence strategies within cloud-based HIPAA-compliant environments.

The results: A fostering of team collaboration and creativity, while delivering peace of mind that information is not dissipating.

Market Separator

Our Promise


When you hire Prone 2 Dream, we bring the human element. We create a learning environment, encouraging your people to learn how to interpret their data and instilling the confidence to make evidence-based decisions.




Why choose us

We add the personal touch to technology.

When you hire us, you get us – as partners in your success. We’re committed to helping each of our clients develop the business intelligence strategies that eliminate gaps in financial tracking and improve their profitability.

“If you can dream it, we can build it.” ~ Leona Fink

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