Business Intelligence For Senior Care Providers

Data drives evidence-based decisions.

Do you have a daily data story at your fingertips?

Daily P&L Tracking

Financial dashboards


Connecting Senior Care Providers with Business Intelligence


Much more than a dashboard

Sophisticated systems run your business, but deliver data overload. DreamCORE integrates siloed data sets into a relevant format so they make sense. Having a daily data story enables evidence-based decisions, faster.


DreamCORE turns information overload into business opportunity.



Introduction to DreamCORE Intelligence

Data Driven, but Human Focused

Data analytics and business intelligence can be intimidating.


When you hire Prone 2 Dream, we bring the human element – creating a learning environment that fosters understanding and collaboration for your teams.

About us


Secure, Private, Hosted Client Portals


Prone 2 Dream Technologies is a Microsoft Partner

Our cloud-based, Microsoft Teams platform offers these benefits:

Unified Communications


Collaborative, memorialized communications for faster, more accurate decision-making and increased productivity.

HIPAA Compliant Environment


Green, accessible, HIPAA compliant data at the fingertips of your agile, on-the-go workforce.

Business Intelligence


Integration of all your critical green data into dynamic dashboards – speeds processes and facilitates sound decision-making.

Customized Logic Apps


Custom-built apps enable you to assign and complete the tasks identified by your business intelligence.

fully secured enterprise

Ecosystem Integration




We provide bridges to your external partners, vendors and prospects for easy operations and time efficiencies.

Fully Secured Enterprise


In addition to HIPAA compliance, your operating platform secures financial, HR, operational branches for data loss prevention.

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