Much more than a dashboard,

DreamCORE is a community.

DreamCORE Intelligence Center aligns all your decision makers with the organization’s strategic vision. We deliver clear, current, integrated data analytics in a private, online community designed for focus on achieving financial goals.

For Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Memory Care Centers.

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DreamCORE Intelligence Center

is a data analytics tool that is designed as a commUNITY. Analytics come alive when individuals work together to create positive impact.

Each “home” in your DreamCORE community is where small groups collaborate on shared initiatives. AND the Prone 2 Dream Team lives behind the scenes in your community – we’re available for support with a simple @mention.

Prone 2 Dream – your partner in analytics insights.

7 Days to Actionable Insights

Know Faster. Decide Faster. Act Faster.


We integrate the data from your critical softwares and display how those platforms impact each other. Updated daily, DreamCORE turns random data into relevant intelligence that all your leaders can use to make timely, evidence-based decisions.

We deliver your DreamCORE Intelligence Center in just 7 days.


Diagram of integrating data sources into one business intelligence center

DreamCORE Intelligence Center:



Your EHR/Client Records, Financial Book of Record, Payroll, and Time Clock softwares don’t talk to each other, yet all impact each other. When we tie them together, random data becomes relevant intelligence.


When we connect your siloed data sources, you get one platform with single sign-on and one version of the truth. Filtered by role, each leader in your company sees their data only – streamlined for evidence-based decisions.


We deliver your dashboards in your private online community where mid-level managers mentor frontline leaders to success. With a forum focused on your company’s strategies, you can memorialize initiatives and improve financial accountability.

Ready to see what DreamCORE can do for you?


Why Prone 2 Dream?

  • 7-Day Delivery of your DreamCORE Intelligence Center
  • Actionable insights on your first dashboard viewing
  • Our clients realize positive ROI within 90 days
  • Our Support Team lives behind-the-scenes in your community giving fast support
  • We provide hands-on onboarding and consultation
  • Your private, online community is HIPAA-compliant
  • We’re a Microsoft Partner, embracing new technologies
  • We’re passionate about our role to serve grandparents
  • We are a faith-based company, committed to our values and ethics

DreamCORE Intelligence

DreamCORE Intelligence Center

is your private, HIPAA-compliant, online community to engage, train, and coach your decision makers to navigate, understand, and make evidence-based decisions with their financials.

Integrated Data Sources

Your critical softwares impact one another. We tie them together to talk to each other and produce updated reports every single day. Your company leaders get the actionable insights they need, to make evidence-based financial decisions NOW, when it makes a difference. DreamCORE uses role-based security to deliver the right data to the right individuals. Updated daily, the current data provides one version of the truth, whether the viewer is executive level or front line manager.

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Community Focused On Results

Every leader in your organization wants to succeed in their role. With your private, online community, you provide the forum for communication – enabling leaders at every level to mentor, influence, engage, and encourage their teams. Fostering teamwork solves real problems like how to meet budgets or how to improve CMS star ratings. Company strategy gets implemented when your community works together.

More Time for Clients

Today’s clients want concierge style services and hospitality. Gone are the days of traditional “nursing homes”. Having the right data, in the hands of the right team members enables everyone on the team to “know what they didn’t know before” – They make better, evidence-based decisions, freeing them for more time on client services.

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