Optimize Your Microsoft Office 365 Investment

Has your enterprise already migrated to the cloud?

Many of our clients have, yet they’ve often not been advised on using all of Microsoft’s latest features, such as Teams and Sharepoint. Subsequently, they were paying for services from external vendors, when they have the same capabilities within their Microsoft subscription.

As a Microsoft partner since 2015, DreamPRO stays current on all the newest updates and improvements. Let’s start a conversation to see where we may be able to help you optimize your Microsoft subscription.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Empower Your Enterprise

You and your team use Microsoft Office every day. Tap into its full power and optimize your investment.

Advanced Security

Securing your data in the digital age is critical. We’ll host all your files in the Microsoft cloud, undisputed world leader in security protocols. You’ll have full access and peace of mind knowing all data accessed is trackable.

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership of IT

Dramatically reduce your IT expense when you no longer have to expense hardware, storage systems, and in-house expertise.

More Flexibility

Office 365 offers so much more than your traditional Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. With the cloud and web-based infrastructure, all the programs your team uses every day are easily accessible from any web-enabled device, anywhere.

Increased Collaboration

As business structures evolve to more flexible models, MS O365 provides powerful tools to improve your communications strategies. Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, and new collaboration tools within your familiar programs offer new paths to operational efficiency.

Expert Remote Support

As a Microsoft partner since 2015, DreamPRO’s tech team can handle the full migration with minimal disruption. We’ll work with your Executives to formulate the model that will evolve your enterprise to the next level. We provide fast, ongoing support to all your users with the simplicity of an @mention.

Unlimited Advantages:


  • Digital Age Empowerment
  • Securely Protect Your Data
  • Minimize Security Risks
  • Optimize Microsoft Investment
  • Improve Communications
  • Increase Collaboration
  • Eliminate Redundant Apps
  • Automatic Updates
  • Enable Remote Flexibility
  • Minimize Hardware Challenges
  • Reduce Hardware Expense
  • Best-In-Industry Support
  • Minimal Disruption

Why Choose DreamPRO?

  • Microsoft Partner since 2015
  • Serving senior care industries last 10 years
  • Passionate about our role in serving grandparents
  • Our Support Team is accessible with lightning speed
  • Hands-on onboarding and consultation
  • We pledge HIPAA-compliancy
  • We embrace new technologies
  • Lean, agile, experienced team
  • We are a faith-based company, committed to our values and ethics

In this article, our Founder and Chief Intelligence Officer, Leona Fink, offers more details on the benefits of migrating your enterprise to the Microsoft cloud (click the image below to read).

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