DreamPRO Intelligence Center

Prospective. Predictive. Proactive.

DreamPRO combines our popular financial analytics platform (DreamCORE), with our new clinical program (DreamCARE) to deliver a comprehensive post-acute business intelligence solution.

DreamPRO Intelligence

Automated Clinical Care Programming reduces the nursing team’s workload increasing time for direct care

Dynamic Financial Analytics quickly identifies areas for improvement

Communications Strategy focuses collaboration among the team

DreamPRO Communications Strategy
  • Private Online Community
  • Focused Communications
  • Build Financial & Clinical Acumen
  • Memorialize Objectives
  • Track KPI Progress
  • Single Sign On
  • One Version of the Truth
  • Role-Based Security
  • Leave the heavy lifting to us
  • Live chat with experts


DreamCORE Intelligence Center integrates data sources to provide comprehensive labor distribution reports

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  • Comprehensive Labor Analytics
  • Clinical Mix v. eHR Census
  • Includes Overtime, Bonus, & Agency
  • 92 Day PBJ Forecast


  • SpendDown Tracking
  • Financial KPIs Updated Daily
  • Aging Receivables Daily



DreamCARE Dashboard

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  • Quickly Identify Risks
  • Understand Fines & Penalties
  • Evidence-based QAPI Processes
  • Increase Staff Knowledge
  • Gain Survey Readiness
  • Improve Health Inspection Results
  • Improve Regulatory Performance
  • Improve Reputation

With DreamPRO Intelligence, you gain insight into the factors impacting your CMS star ratings and financial performance, allowing you to make evidence-based improvements.

We deliver your DreamPRO Intelligence Center in just 7 days.

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DreamCORE Intelligence Center surveys facility activity daily to provide an unobstructed line of sight into KPI’s, empowering senior care leaders to quickly identify obstacles on the road to profitability.

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