SNF Dashboards Meet New CMS Reporting Requirements

SNF Dashboards Meet New CMS Reporting Requirements

The new reporting requirements announced by CMS may be causing you additional stress – but Prone 2 Dream Technologies has an easy and effective solution for you.

As announced in April 2020, in addition to reporting to the CDC, the CMS will require that facilities notify its residents and their representatives to keep them informed of conditions inside the facility.

Nursing homes must inform residents and their representatives within 1 day of the occurrence of specific infectious disease details.

Prone 2 Dream Technologies serves SNFs by solving the challenge of a rapid turnaround time in reporting as required by CMS.

With Facility Dashboards, you can report necessary critical updates to your residents and their representatives each day. The data is viewable on a user-friendly, interactive dashboard where your customers can reassure themselves of the safety of their loved one within your facility. The dashboard allows the viewer to compare your statistics with those of your county, state, country, and the world.

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