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With Prone 2 Dream, experience rapid adoption of cloud technology solutions. We’re focused on maintaining secure environments so your business can leverage the power of your intellectual capital. We achieve this through well designed business process models, application programs, virtual networks, and customizable dashboards.


We bring your dreams to life and empower your team with optimized business processes.


Prone 2 Dream – Connecting small business with big technology.


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A Better Cloud Solution

We migrate your work environment from physical servers to a Microsoft cloud-based platform offering you a wealth of benefits – increased security, better collaboration, integrated business intelligence, memorialized assets.

Unified Communications

HIPAA Compliant Environment

Business Intelligence

Customized Logic Apps

Ecosystem Integration

Fully Secured Enterprise

Unified Communications

One of the biggest challenges in any organization is fragmented communications. Your new enterprise enables team collaboration unity, protecting and preserving truth.

Digital Memorialization

The enterprise captures meetings, ideas, files, conversations in one place preserving the truth of your intellectual property.

Faster Speed to Market

When your team has access to all pertinent information in one place, meetings become efficient, decisions happen more quickly and your product or service gets to the market with speed.

Ease of HR Succession

Your new hires at all levels integrate right into the preserved information, shortening the learning curve.

HIPAA Compliant

We provide a fully integrated enterprise, with data loss prevention protocols. All communication, data, and financials stay within the private, cloud environment – you decide who has access to which areas.

Identity Management

Secured enterprise requires identity match access with proper clearance credentials. Individuals’ activities may be recorded and are traceable.

Fully Secured

Has the flow of information between partners become stymied due to data loss prevention protocols? Now collaboration happens within the fully secured cloud environment.

Microsoft Powered

The credibility of Microsoft – your partner in a data driven, innovative, secure business enterprise. Microsoft is recognized world-wide as the leader in cloud technology solutions.

Business Intelligence

Having real time data allows you to adopt an innovative approach to decision-making. We provide the custom data sets you need to take action faster.

Custom KPIs

You determine your most relevant data sets – we create the reporting you need.

Custom Alerts

You decide what’s important – watching a specific patient, trends in patient outcomes, trends in business profitability. We’ll make sure you get the information you want in real time.

Dynamic Real Time Dashboards

Customized dashboards put the information you need at your fingertips, exactly when you need it.

Customized Logic Apps

We build your customized logic apps for follow through on your business intelligence. You’ll identify trends and issues, then assign and complete tasks through your apps.

Streamlines Processes

Assign next steps directly from your business intelligence dashboard.

Escalated Action

Custom settings and alerts allow your team to get the information they need, when they need it.

Solves Problems

Your business intelligence identifies trends – your custom apps allow you to act on them – fast.

Ecosystem Integration

Within your cloud environment, we build bridges to your external partners, vendors, and prospects – turning data silos into data lakes.

Automation Efficiencies

Your environment connects your external apps and softwares automating processes seamlessly.

Bridged Communications

You initiate chats, phone calls, and videoconferencing with external sources directly from your private cloud environment – you control access points.

Empowered Workflow

In connecting your internal and external technologies, you eliminate stagnant workflows.

Fully Secured Enterprise

In addition to HIPAA compliance, your complete environment is secure. You control who has access and whether information can be downloaded from the enterprise


All your accounting data and reports are fully protected.

Human Resources

Government forms, applications, agreements, reviews, disciplinary files – all are secure.

Intellectual Property

Meetings, conversations, ideas – memorialized. Charts, graphs, images – all related project tools protected.

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