When we turned the corner into 2020, did you have any idea that within 90 days, you’d be operating with a large part of your team (if not all of them) working from home?

And now that this is the New Normal, how are you faring?

Does your organization feel secure? How is data being stored and shared?

What about project assets? Do you have documented trails of conversations?

Are all the right players involved in the right meetings? And if you’re video conferencing, are those channels secure?

There are so many critical questions to find solutions for, because the coronavirus climate is going to be around for a while.


The Good News

If the Microsoft Office 365 suite is part of your operating system, there is really great news. In addition to the standard Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint tools, you also have access to Microsoft Teams.

Teams is the perfect platform for your agile workforce – this cloud-based technology enables groups within your enterprise to collaborate, communicate, and memorialize all aspects of their project(s) in one secure place. 

Teams is Microsoft Powered – The source on which you rely for credibility, security, innovation, and data-driven excellence.

Teams has seen significant growth over the last year, with Microsoft announcing the app had exploded in popularity from 20 million business users in November to 44 million in April. Part of that bump, about 12 million users, joined the service between March 11 and March 18 as more people around the world began working from home due to coronavirus lockdowns. (Yahoo Finance, 3/30/2020)

Microsoft Teams video conference

Video conference within Microsoft Teams


Want Teams now? Prone 2 Dream Technologies has been a Microsoft partner since 2006. We can have you up and running this platform fast and will provide training for seamless integration. Contact Us.


What exactly is Teams?

Teams is a hub for teamwork.

Pull together different teams for different ideas. Then create the teams for the projects that will transform those ideas into realities.

Your teams work together in the cloud, communicating by chat instead of email and using channels for all relevant files and folders.

It’s a workspace for editing documents simultaneously, with single tap replies, likes, and mentions.

A team can customize their project with websites, notes, and apps.

The result – Teams is fun – and having fun inspires creativity, productivity, and a winning team culture.


12 Benefits of Using Teams

  1. Video and audio conferencing and recording. There are other platforms that provide these services, but wouldn’t you rather hold these meetings within your own secure environment?
  2. Fully secured business platform with private hosting (and HIPAA compliant for Healthcare companies). Teams enables you to transition to a cloud-based infrastructure, lowering the total cost of ownership of your IT and management solutions.
  3. Quarterly compliance documentation. Easily store, submit, review critical reports.
  4. Virtually brings people around ideas. The ability to assemble the right people to brainstorm, document, collaborate and plan, no matter where they’re located.
  5. Memorialization of instant messages. Chat individually or within a specific group, saving ideas and comments.
  6. Inline conversations and dedicated group email. Each project communication goes to the right people and is saved in the right spot.
  7. Simultaneous document authoring and version control. An easy way to collaborate on written communications.
  8. Enables unlimited projects ongoing within your environment. And all project assets are securely stored within this workspace.
  9. Ability to include external contributors. Need to invite a client, vendor, potential hire to a meeting within your secure workspace? No problem.
  10. Reduces costly travel expenses. So much work can be achieved in Teams, you’ll find less traveling is needed.
  11. Lowers your total cost of IT ownership through its virtual, cloud-based platform. Teams integrates with most popular business apps.
  12. Simple set-up and easy for your team to learn.


You can’t afford to wait

You may be wondering “How can I possibly implement a new system or process right now? I have so much on my plate!” But you can’t afford to wait if you know or even suspect that important business assets are slipping through the cracks.

Get set up now on Teams and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with a future-focused, location-neutral platform for your business infrastructure.

Prone 2 Dream Technologies is your bridge to Microsoft Teams. Prone 2 Dream has been a Microsoft partner since 2006, providing secure enterprise solutions to the healthcare and hospitality industries.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you how Teams creates a hub for teamwork, enabling your remote and on-site workforce to stay connected and engaged. P2D can set you up quickly and virtually train your team.

Contact us today for a demonstration.

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