SNF Operators – Clear visibility into time clock data enables positive impact on CMS staffing star ratings.

What would it mean to your organization if you could watch the trend of your CMS staffing star ratings … daily?

Dream PBJ provides daily tracking of your time clock data so you have actionable information to impact your star ratings.

Missing an RN one day? Set your Dream PBJ to alert you – so you can correct the situation before it becomes part of your permanent CMS record.

Daily visibility of PBJ star trends brings stability, and ultimately the ability to project what each quarter’s stars will be. Dream PBJ takes the mystery out of PBJ reporting.


DreamPBJ Dashboards

Daily Star Tracking

Watch trends, Identify gaps, Make corrections, Always know.

92-Day Rolling Star Trend

Continuity brings stability.

Wage Analysis, Labor Distribution, Earnings Reports and more...

Set Daily Alerts on Actionable Information

Optimize Clinical Staffing Dollars

Take the Mystery Out of PBJ Reporting

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