One Platform. Single Sign-On. One Version of the Truth.

DreamCORE Intelligence.

DreamCORE integrates your Client Records/EHR, Financial Book of Record, Payroll, and Timekeeping softwares giving you crystal clear vision into areas for financial improvement.

DreamCORE financial dashboards

Dashboard views are fully customizable.


integrates your critical software programs to turn random data into relevant intelligence.


How it works:

DreamPRO integrates siloed data sources to provide current analytics

DreamCORE Delivers Value.

Experience Immediate ROI

Your DreamCORE Intelligence Center leverages integrated data sources to inform your decisions and enrich your financial strategies. AHA! moments begin on your very first viewing of your dashboards, giving you the evidence to Know, Decide, and Act Faster. Measurable results within 90 days.

Save Time and Money

We know it’s tempting to say “We’ll just build this ourselves.” The truth is that comparable Power BI dashboards take 2+ years to build, as well as thousands of dollars. Our cost effective solution brings you powerful intel in just 7 days, at a fraction of the costs of building it yourself.

Reporting Accuracy

Reduce time preparing reports and eliminate spreadsheet errors with our robotic automation processes. Once your data has been validated in our platform, you can rely on accuracy, every day.

Fully Customizable

We wrap our processes around your strategies. Want a specific report? We’ll emulate what you’re using… and add integrations and features to make it even more beneficial.

Foster Your Team

Data and analytics can be intimidating! We provide a private online community for groups of your leaders, by company role, to work together to achieve company initiatives. DreamCORE is a communications strategy, for mentoring your people and your company to success.

Authority On Board

Our analytics team lives behind-the-scenes in your community. We are at the ready to support your team, whether it’s a quick question or scheduled consultation. We don’t deliver dashboards and disappear – we want to partner to your success!

Being able to see all our labor data in one place - DreamCORE - gave us the vision to restructure several strategies, resulting in a savings of $2M in Bonus and Agency expenses.

~ Robert, COO, 25+ Centers

A Look Inside DreamC.O.R.E.

Clients/Census | Overtime/Labor | Revenue/Receivables | Expenses/Budget

Dashboard views are fully customizable.

Client/Census Data

Census / Client Records

Data updates automatically every day at midnight, so your Midnight Census is synced and accurate. Filter quickly to find a specific date range, payer, location, and even drill through to the client. Infinitely maneuverable – find rates, reimbursements, and much more.

Labor data and analytics in a one-stop-shop.

Overtime / Labor

DreamCORE is your one-stop-shop for your entire Labor picture. We integrate your payroll and timekeeping softwares, and can even include agency labor. Quickly see your PRD percentages, how much you are spending in regular time, overtime, bonuses, and agency. Pinpoint employees who are making the overtime and bonuses, and quickly view their average wage. Tackle regulatory compliance with staffing alerts.

Receivables / Revenue updated daily.

Revenue / Receivables

Does your accounting team have the confidence that their aging receivables report is accurate? With DreamCORE, this data is updated daily, so your team is not constantly searching and collecting data. Could your aging receivables be reduced if your finance department could focus on current data?

Daily adjusted budgets.


DreamCORE presents a Spend Down that’s updated daily. One of our clients calls this his department managers’ checkbook. We sync your general ledger and budget here so that every day each department manager can see exactly what is left to spend, adjusted by Midnight Census.

Daily P&L

Reports Gallery

There’s no limit to the amount of reports you can add to your DreamCORE Intelligence Center. Daily P&L, Cash Analysis, Payroll Analysis, Forecasts, Trends – we wrap our processes around your strategies to deliver the views most integral to your organization.

DreamCORE is the best system I’ve seen for giving our financial decision makers a “checkbook” - it shows them how much they have left to spend in their budget on a daily basis.

~ Joe, CEO, Florida Presbyterian Homes

Frequently Asked Questions


What is delivered in 7 days?

Upon receipt of your source logins, we build and deliver your DreamCORE Intelligence Center including Census, Overtime/Labor, Receivables, and Expenses in just 7 days.

How much work is it for me to get started?

All we require is your “executive level, reporting-only” logins to your EHR, Financial Book of Record, and Payroll/Timekeeping systems (and subsidiary systems such as SimpleLTC), and we do all the heavy lifting.

What are some of the methods P2D uses to lower my total cost of ownership?

DreamCORE Intelligence Center integrates custom mobile apps such as Admissions, prospective analytics on PDPM, Agency Tracking, Expense management and more.

Do you provide training and support?

Yes! We will onboard your executive team first, then coordinate a schedule with your Operations Team for the rest of your leaders. We are behind the scene in your online community – message our team with a simple @mention and we respond promptly.

How many custom reports can I add?

After the 7-Day build out of CORE and the Executive roll out, we will work with your COO to develop a schedule to add your custom reports as well as Payroll Analysis, AP Analysis, and Cash Analysis. You may add as many reports as you like.

When can I add and start using the Agency app?

We will connect with your COO and determine the strategy and timeline for roll out of each of the custom apps including Dream Agency TimeTracker and DreamAdmissions.

What about change management?

DreamCORE is a one-stop-shop changing with your organization when the need arises. With the simple submission of an SOW, the integration of a new software system can be scheduled and delivered to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Why is DreamPRO Intelligence the right choice?

DreamCORE is much more than a dashboard – it’s a communications strategy – fostering engagement with all your leaders, providing an online community to mentor, inspire, influence, collaborate.

Still have questions?

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DreamCORE Intelligence Center surveys facility activity daily to provide an unobstructed line of sight into KPI’s, empowering senior care leaders to quickly identify obstacles on the road to profitability.

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