Do you have a baseline for your Medicare reimbursements?

Introducing Dream PDPM

Upon admission, Dream PDPM calculates a theoretical, predictive reimbursement and memorializes each patient.


Dream Admissions & PDPM

Dream PDPM calculates a theoretical, predictive reimbursement that memorializes the patient upon admission.

Each step of the patient’s journey toward a successful outcome is measured on this prospective standard – enabling any disparities in payment to be identified.

Need help tracking referrals? The app identifies where the gaps are in your admissions program by giving you the analytics behind referrals that fail to convert.

Dream Admissions & PDPM provides the benchmark for the team to achieve the maximum reimbursement.


Prospective upon admission

Memorializes the patient's journey

Identifies disparities in reimbursements

Global view forecasting analytics

Tracks referrals - conversions / denials

Calendar of declining payments

ICD-10 Search - 70,000 conditions & comorbidities

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