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Dream Products Suite

Dream Products is a suite of prospective revenue cycle management tools. With a prospective approach, Dream Products allow you to predict your financial outcomes, setting the roadmap and the benchmarks to achieve your goals.

Dream PDPM

Dream Scheduling & PBJ

Dream Admissions

Dream Checkbook


Dream Admissions & PDPM

Dream PDPM calculates a theoretical, predictive reimbursement that memorializes the patient upon admission.

Each step of the patient’s journey toward a successful outcome is measured on this prospective standard – enabling any disparities in payment to be identified.

Need help tracking referrals? The app identifies where the gaps are in your admissions program by giving you the analytics behind referrals that fail to convert.

Dream Admissions & PDPM provides the benchmark for the team to achieve the maximum reimbursement.


Prospective upon admission

Memorializes the patient's journey

Identifies disparities in reimbursements

Global view forecasting analytics

Tracks referrals - conversions / denials

Calendar of declining payments

ICD-10 Search - 70,000 conditions & comorbidities


Dream Scheduling & PBJ

Dream Scheduling & PBJ enables proactive projections, instead of reflections.

The tool calculates predictive analytics to notify leadership when there is a variance from the desired result.

Dream Scheduling offers a myriad of efficiencies including geofencing, clock in/out on personal device, shift changing within your designated parameters, tracking vacation days, and team communications on-the-go.

Analytics set up the PBJ report and submit it directly to CMS.


Prospective Projections

Calculates how to achieve the desired CMS star rating and what that will cost

Prospective Star Rating Impact

Data can be scrubbed and accessed daily

Set Daily Alerts for KPIs

Missing an RN one day? Correct before impact on rating

Include Non-Employees

Comprehensive platform will include staff from agencies

Automates PBJ Reporting

Upload straight to CMS


Dream Checkbook

Dream Checkbook is a prospective approach to Spend Down.

Your current case mix and census are constantly fluctuating. Dream Checkbook automates the changes that affect your budget.

Large cost centers, such as dietary, run smoothly knowing correct inventory levels. By taking the pain out of ongoing calculations, Dream Checkbook allows your team to succeed in meeting their budget.

The end result is your facility providing a better patient experience.

Prospective, not retrospective

Set your target, the tool helps you reach it

Auto-Adjusting Budget, based on case mix & census

Avoid over- or under- spending

Positively Impacts Controllables

Department manager can watch daily, adjust spending as needed

Prospective Analytics

Tells you to “take this action”

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