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A Prospective Approach to Budgets, Reporting, & Reimbursements


When there’s a gap to fill, apps collect data and serve as a conduit, integrating seamlessly with DreamCORE financial dashboards. The Dream App Center data analytics tools streamline work processes.

Dream Expenses

Dream SpendDown is a prospective approach to Budgeting.

Your current case mix and census are constantly fluctuating. Dream SpendDown automates the changes that affect your budget.

Your large cost centers, especially nursing and culinary, have daily access to their spending measured against their budget. By taking the pain out of ongoing calculations, Dream SpendDown allows your team to succeed in meeting their budget.

What get measured gets improved.

Prospective, not retrospective

Set your target, the app helps you reach it

Auto-Adjusting Budget, based on case mix & census

Avoid over- or under- spending

Positively Impacts Controllables

Department manager can watch daily, adjust spending as needed

Prospective Analytics

Tells you to “take this action”

Dream PBJ

What would it mean to your organization if you could watch the trend of your CMS staffing star ratings … daily?

Dream PBJ provides daily tracking of your time clock data so you have actionable information to impact your star ratings.

Missing an RN one day? Set your Dream PBJ to alert you – so you can correct the situation before it becomes part of your permanent CMS record.

Daily visibility of PBJ star trends brings stability, and ultimately the ability to project what each quarter’s stars will be. Dream PBJ takes the mystery out of PBJ reporting.


Daily Star Tracking

Watch trends, Identify gaps, Make corrections, Always know.

92-Day Rolling Star Trend

Continuity brings stability.

Set Daily Alerts on Actionable Information

Optimize Clinical Staffing Dollars

Take the Mystery Out of PBJ Reporting

Dream Apps integrate seamlessly with DreamCORE Dashboards – our business intelligence strategy delivered in a real time financial dashboard.

Dream Agency TimeTracker

Take your power back. Require each agency worker punch in and punch out.

Agency workers work for you. When the agency invoice arrives, do you know who didn’t show up? Came in late? Left early? If they’re not punching in and out, how do you justify the expense?

Memorialize the punches, then compare to your agency invoice. You have documentation for any and all discrepancies.

DreamAGENCY manages the data collected and for easy PBJ reporting, an XML file is available upon request.

We bring all your labor data together – introducing Dream Labor Intel. 

  • DreamAgency TimeTracker
  • Inhouse Timekeeping System
  • Payroll
  • Census 

You have visibility of the global scope of scheduling, labor distribution, wage analysis, and more… the ultimate analysis – Dream Labor Intel.




Strike the Right Balance between Overtime & Agency

Clear visibility of the cost of overtime vs the cost of agency. Make the best decision for your team, facility, and client.

Validate Agency Invoices

Require clock in and out, memorialize the shift, compare to the invoice 

A Clearer Snapshot of your Labor in Motion

Calculates your combined in-house and agency labor for true PPD and HPPD

Reduces PBJ Report Prep Time

Use our optional XML file for easy PBJ reporting

Simple Platform

Workers punch in via web page. Simply use with your existing systems. 

Dream Labor Intel

Where it all comes together – A comprehensive, full scope intelligence dashboard – Visibility of scheduling effectiveness 

Dream Admissions

Dream Admissions speeds the process of accepting a new referral.

The app alerts decision makers that a new referral has entered the system, and enables quick insurance verification and preliminary PDPM assessment.

Upon Clinical and Financial approval, Dream Admissions alerts Department Managers of new admission arrival date and time, and bed assignment.

Staffing schedulers, hospitality departments, and supply managers have early access to all new admissions and can make better planning decisions.

Need help tracking referrals? The app identifies the gaps in your admissions program by giving you the analytics behind referrals that fail to convert.



Speeds admissions process

Alerts key decision makers upon referral

Speeds validation

Enables better staffing decisions

Enables concierge service

Enables better supply management decisions

Tracks referrals - conversions / denials

Dream Apps integrate seamlessly with DreamCORE Dashboards – our business intelligence strategy delivered in a real time financial dashboard.

Dream PDPM

Dream PDPM calculates a theoretical, predictive reimbursement that memorializes the patient upon admission.

Each step of the patient’s journey toward a successful outcome is measured on this prospective standard – enabling any disparities in payment to be identified.

Need help tracking referrals? The app identifies where the gaps are in your admissions program by giving you the analytics behind referrals that fail to convert.

Dream Admissions & PDPM provides the benchmark for the team to achieve the maximum reimbursement.


Prospective upon admission

Memorializes the patient's journey

Identifies disparities in reimbursements

Global view forecasting analytics

Calendar of declining payments

ICD-10 Search - 70,000 conditions & comorbidities

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